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Helping Indian Children in North & Central America

American Indian Children's Fund is a human health and welfare organization that focuses on the survival of North and Central American Indian children and implements programs that provide food, clothing and spiritual education to them and their families.

A Word from the President:

    We are expanding our efforts to help Indian children in North and Central America by feeding, clothing, and providing spiritual education.  On the great reservations in the USA and Mexico.  We have made a difference in Indian children's lives.  Our programs of feeding and clothing have been extremely successful.

   Our major sectors of involvement are:

bulletChild survival projects
bulletProviding clothing, food, and gardening projects for parents of deprived Indian children
bulletConducting education, alcohol, drug, and suicidal prevention programs

    The benefits of American Indian Children's Fund services provide the necessities basic to all human development.  Providing emergency food, clothing, and spiritual education raises the self esteem of the Indian children . . . in many cases preventing suicide or a life of alcohol and drugs.

    It is the commitment of American Indian Children's Fund to do everything we can to heal the forgotten and hurting Indian children by providing intelligent, compassionate programs.   Please read through our programs to see our efforts to offer help for today and hope for tomorrow to disadvantaged Indian children.


How To Help


American Indian Children's Fund depends on the generosity of public donations to fund our programs.  Your donations allow AICF to provide vital support for thousands of Native American children and families through our programs done in partnership with partners living in reservation communities.  Thanks to the kindness of people like you, AICF's programs touch the lives of thousands of Native Americans living in the Southwest and U.S. every year.


Wills and Bequests
Many of our donors are concerned with preserving the future of Native American people by including AICF in their estate planning.  If you are interested in including AICF in your Will, please contact Blessed Cloud at 602-568-0414 and he will be able to provide you with any information you may need.

Credit Card Donation


Please note that we use a nonprofit vendor to process your secure credit card transaction. Your credit card statement will read "GiveDirect" - not American Indian Children's Fund.  Using a 3rd party processor helps us keep our costs low and allows us to spend more time and money on our programs!

Vehicle Donation


If you would like to donate a vehicle, please click the picture above and you will be taken to a secure form with all the information about using this type of service.

Your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

For more information on donating items such as new toys, clothing, school supplies, or other needed items, please call Blessed Cloud at 602-568-0414.


**Federal Employees**

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Contact Information

Contact:  Don Aime - Blessed Cloud
Postal address:  P.O. Box 724 Laveen, AZ 85339-0724
Telephone:  623.376.0727      FAX:  623.376.0732   Cell:  602.568.0414
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